pre-emption law

pre-emption law
pre|emp|tion or pre-emp|tion «pree EHMP shuhn», noun.
1. U.S. and Canada. the act or right of purchasing before others or in preference to others: »

It is neither right nor legal that Mr. Hardy's preemption should gobble up over 250 acres of hay lands (Regina Journal).

2. the act of seizing or taking possession beforehand; appropriation before others: »

... Federal preemption of the avocado problem (New York Times).

3. the act or fact of displacing; replacement: »

Sale of network time to candidates involves pre-emption of better paying advertisers (Frank Stanton).

[< pre- + Latin ēmptiō, -ōnis buying < emere to buy]
preemption or pre-emption law,
a law that blocks passage of certain ordinances in a local area: »

Four states passed pre-emption laws…[to] forbid cities and counties from enacting local gun-control measures (Investor's Business Daily).

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